We are a small farm in the Adelaide hills situated at Macclesfield, 12 km from Mt Barker.  We pride ourselves on being a boutique operation with small numbers of mares and a small number of agisted horses to ensure all get specialised, one on one care. 
We are currently refencing with stockguard fencing to ensure no wire fence injuries and we have irrigated, improved pasture.
Facilities include 5 large walk in walk out boxes with yards which mares foal down in when the weather is particularly inclement, another 6 stables with 6 day paddocks which are utilised by the show horses and yearling during sale preparation to avoid them becoming sour from stabling. 
We also have a 25 metre diameter round yard and have just put in a 70m x 30m training arena.
We also stand Australian Stock Horse stallion Chalani Tempo at stud and breed a small number of quality tb and performance horses every year.